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What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

There are several reasons behind erectile dysfunction and this can happen to any person from any age group. There are reasons some of them are physical and some of them are mental reasons mainly psychological.

Physical Causes:

Around 80% cases of erectile dysfunction are related to physical causes. There are various types of physical reasons that may cause erectile dysfunction and following are some of the exclusive examples. The one of the most common reasons of impotence has reduced blood flow to your penis. This generally happens between the men who are in 40 or above age group. From this age the arteries of the body become narrow and hence the blood flow gets reduced naturally. It does not help proper erection of penis. Smoking and high blood pressure are the primary reasons for narrowing of arteries other than age factor. There are nerves like other parts of the body that take care of your erection of the penis. Due to any disease like Parkinsonís those nerves might get damaged and cause erectile dysfunction.

Diabetes is one of those common causes that create all the possible blockages that will affect your erection negatively. Testosterone is a hormone that is required for proper erection. This is made in the testes. If anyone is lack of this male hormone then erectile dysfunction may appear. This is a very uncommon and very rarely this happens. Generally due to some external injury in the head or testes may cause lack of testosterone. There are several kinds of therapies including radiotherapy may cause erectile dysfunction. There are also several side effects that some of the medicines will have and cause of impotence.

Almost all the antidepressant drugs provide with erectile dysfunction as a side effect. Excessive drinking of alcohol and overdose of any drug will bring in impotence in even very premature age. In most impotence cases, physical reasons are primarily responsible. Other than hormonal deficiency, you still be able to act sexually if you have ED due to any other physical reason. Due to ED you may suffer from several other issues that will cause anxiety and poor self esteem.

Psychological Causes:

Erectile dysfunction or impotence may happen due to several mental state of mind as well. In modern day stress is a killer and due to stress in professional and personal life, it has become difficult for people to avoid erectile dysfunction. This is now increasing in numbers. Anxiety, difficulties in relationships, depression or any other emotional outburst may cause ED to anyone. Unless you control your emotion and start thinking positively you cannot come out of these mental stages. In case you are suffering from impotence due to any state of mind, then this will occur suddenly. Your erection will improve with your mental state only.

Sometimes you will not be able to find out the real reason of erectile dysfunction and then it will force you to get more depressed. This is an infinite loop and you need to break that to come out of it. Even a regular dosage of antidepressant will not work after a certain period because it has got its side effects that will make the case worse. Getting erectile dysfunction in regular basis due to psychological disorder is a common factor.

As we have already discussed that most of the cases of impotence is due to physical causes, but in todayís urban life psychological causes are increasing rapidly. It is up to the awareness that will make you understand whether you have been suffering from erectile dysfunction due to psychological reasons or not. The most advised way is to keep yourself away from stress as much as possible to keep away ED from yourself.

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