In America for decades in hospitals across the country to infants in the first days of life, perform the procedure under the enigmatic title “circumcision”, to put it simply – circumcision. This is one of the most common micro-operations. About 30% of men in the world have experienced what it is, but, for example, in Egypt, Israel and the United States, this figure is close to 80%. And if earlier the reason for circumcision were mostly religious views, but now the procedure is most often done for the sake of health of erectial disfunction. Let us examine why and who needs it.

With WHO support, there have been many studies to find out whether there is objective medical evidence for micro-operation on excision of the prepuce. The results allowed to identify the main reasons for the procedure: the first – the penis of the disease, and the second – hygiene.

First of all make circumcision as a preventive measure should the inhabitants of tropical countries, boys and men who are unable to comply with the rules of hygiene, because of working conditions or social. Wet and warm environment under the foreskin – perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Studies of Australian scientists suggest that uncircumcised men are more likely to suffer from diseases of the genitourinary system. Herpes and gonorrhea are found in them 2 times more often, and syphilis, and fungal disease – 5 times more likely than circumcised men. Reduces the risk of becoming sick or a carrier of the human papillomavirus (HPV), which is also transmitted sexually. Scientists believe that it was he who, in most cases becomes a cause of cervical cancer. According to American scientists, women whose partner was circumcised, the disease occurs on 42% less.

Removal of the foreskin, according to some sources – is also prevention of prostate cancer. It would seem, what’s the connection? All the matter again in reducing the probability of “catch” the disease, sexually transmitted infections, which may contribute to the development of tumors in the prostate.

No matter who makes the decision, my mother, the father or the man himself, in any case, the question arises: Does this hurt and whether the procedure in the intimate life impact?

For a long time, it was thought that babies foreskin insensitive and so it is best to do the circumcision in the first weeks after birth. Indeed, the sensitivity is lower, up to six months in the child’s underdeveloped receptors on the penis, but the procedure can not be called a pain-free. In adult males after puberty vessels of the penis larger, nerve receptors more sensitive, so the healing process is longer, and the procedure is more painful. The good news is that modern hospitals are using painkillers during circumcision. In addition, there are many tools that promote rapid healing. sensitivity issue is not less important.

Men fear that circumcision will reduce the sensitivity of the penis in an intimate relationship. And there is some truth: naked head due to the coarsening of the nerve receptors to some extent may lose sensitivity, but these changes are minimal and the quality of the sexual life is not affected. Many also think that because of the desensitization of the head intercourse becomes longer and for some it is also a reason for the procedure. But empirical studies have shown that there is no significant difference. The main plus for women – yet hygienic safety, as a man with an open head of the penis is less risk of contracting infectious diseases.

After circumcision

And yet, when all the pros do not forget that it is even and micro, but the operation, and it can have side effects.

After the procedure, you may experience inflammation, abscess and hematoma. Fortunately, these unpleasant symptoms often go away within 5-10 days with timely treatment.

In rare cases (especially when surgery is performed not a doctor) during the intervention can damage nerves, resulting in a significant reduction in the sensitivity of the glans penis, as well as discomfort during sexual intercourse. Restore the old feeling in this very difficult and not always possible. But this happens very rarely, if circumcision performed by a qualified specialist.

In countries where circumcision – rather, a religious ceremony, the procedure allow for not only physicians. However, it is clear that much safer to entrust the health of their children, or own an experienced doctor. The operation can lead surgeon or urologist under local or general anesthesia. In our country, the excess portion was excised leathery folds often with a scalpel. On incision sutured. Recently widely used radio wave apparatus. This minimizes tissue damage, and even such an effect has additional bactericidal effect. With this recovery period it is quicker and easier. A few weeks after the procedure men can return to the usual rhythm of life.

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