Antiandrogens are necessary in M ​​/ F transgender substitution therapy, especially in the preoperative period, as they allow to reduce the dose of estrogen. In Europe and Russia, the drug of choice is cy-proterone acetate (androcur, Schering AG), which inhibits the effects of male sex hormones (androgens), in small amounts also produced by the woman’s body. Has a gestagennoe and antigonadotropic effect. In men, while taking the drug, there is a weakening of sexual desire and potency, as well as a decrease in testicular function. These changes disappear after cessation of treatment.

The drug reduces or completely eliminates the effect of androgens on target organs (including the prostate gland). In women, when receiving cyproterone acetate, both pathologically excessive hair growth on the face and body, and hair loss caused by androgens, is reduced. In addition, the increased function of the sebaceous glands is reduced and ovarian function is inhibited during the treatment period.

The recommended dose in the substitution treatment of M / F transgender 50-100 mg / day. Exceeding this dose is not recommended, because it is fraught with the development of side effects (nausea, the development of drug hepatitis, apathy, depression).

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