Monitoring of patients with M / W transsexualism

The indications for monitoring patients with M / F-transsexualism, as well as the parameters for assessing body functions, were developed by us taking into account the analysis of recent literature data, “Standards for providing medical care for gender identity disorders” […]

Modern approaches to androgen therapy

The modern stage of development of therapy with androgens began with the development in the 1930s in the Netherlands and Germany by divisions of the company Organon of the technology of industrial synthesis of testosterone. In the work “On the […]

Androgen therapy for F / M transsexualism

Difficulties with hormone therapy (androgen therapy) in F / M transsexualism, as a rule, does not arise. Patients themselves come to the endocrinologist for the purpose of treatment, because they understand that they have no source of male sex hormones […]

Effect of androgen therapy on erythropoiesis

Patients with F / M-transsexualism in the treatment of the underlying disease receive lifelong replacement therapy with high doses of androgens. Androgen therapy is carried out for the purpose of acquiring features (constitutional, mental) characteristic of the opposite sex, and […]

Androgen therapy and insulin resistance

Insulin resistance (IR) is a reduction in the action of insulin in tissues and organs. With IL, the biological response to the physiological concentration of insulin is reduced. In some cases, when certain conditions are created, insulin loses its ability […]

Peli vastaan vahva vastustaja

Ei ole väliä kuinka hyvin pelaat pokeria, ennemmin tai myöhemmin tapaat jonkun, joka pelaa paremmin. On turhauttavaa, varsinkin jos aiot häiriötön istunnon ja helppoa rahaa. Mutta samaan aikaan – loistava tilaisuus saada kokemusta. Tässä opetusohjelmassa aiomme keskustella miten menettää vähemmän […]


Psychosomatic disorders, in essence, is the body’s response in symbolic form in the unacceptable situation in life It is formed by two mechanisms:displacement of the unfavorable circumstances of the mind – a kind of protection against it unacceptable, unacceptable thoughts […]