Estrogen Intranasal Drugs

The intranasal route of estrogen administration provides a new, unique pharmacokinetic profile: “pulsating”. It is characterized by the maximum plasma concentration of estradiol which is attained rapidly, which then also quickly returns to its original level. The intranasal route of […]


Antiandrogens are necessary in M ​​/ F transgender substitution therapy, especially in the preoperative period, as they allow to reduce the dose of estrogen. In Europe and Russia, the drug of choice is cy-proterone acetate (androcur, Schering AG), which inhibits […]


Progestogen preparations themselves do not produce a feminizing effect, but they are often included in the combination therapy of patients with transsexualism, mainly as part of estrogen-gestogenic drugs. In the literature, there are quite contradictory data on the effect of […]

Finasteride and Agonists

Finasteride is a drug for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (adenoma). Finasteride is a synthetic 4-azasteroid compound. It is a competitive inhibitor of 5-alpha-reductase type II – an intracellular enzyme that turns testosterone into a more active androgen – dihydrotestosterone. In […]

Monitoring of patients with M / W transsexualism

The indications for monitoring patients with M / F-transsexualism, as well as the parameters for assessing body functions, were developed by us taking into account the analysis of recent literature data, “Standards for providing medical care for gender identity disorders” […]

Modern approaches to androgen therapy

The modern stage of development of therapy with androgens began with the development in the 1930s in the Netherlands and Germany by divisions of the company Organon of the technology of industrial synthesis of testosterone. In the work “On the […]

Androgen therapy for F / M transsexualism

Difficulties with hormone therapy (androgen therapy) in F / M transsexualism, as a rule, does not arise. Patients themselves come to the endocrinologist for the purpose of treatment, because they understand that they have no source of male sex hormones […]