Diabetes in men has originally potency. Symptoms of the disease in men characterized by, in most cases, premature ejaculation, sexual desire disorder, lack of ejaculation and orgasm. In men, fertility depends on the level of the disease and its course. As shown by a recent study, diabetes glyburide metforminsignificantly affects the reproductive function in males.

The increased sugar content in the male body contributes to damage sperm DNA, and it causes infertility. This effect on the male reproductive system is carried out on a molecular level. When clinical trials were conducted, it was found that all of the men who suffer from diabetes, revealed fewer sperm. This significantly affects the reproductive function.

While diabetes occurs in men strong enough damage to internal organs. This is the main difference between the symptoms of diabetes male from female diabetes. After all, women’s disease is held in a milder form.

Diabetes manifests itself in men in their failure functions of the reproductive system. Significantly reduced potency, resulting in angiopathy, which reduces blood flow to the genitals. Contained in a large amount of ketone bodies, suppress testosterone in the blood of the patient. As a result, developing a gradual decrease in potency. However, there are other signs of diabetes.

It is believed that detect diabetes in men is problematic. This is due to the fact that men are not serious about personal health, as opposed to women. That is why men visit doctors rarely, and thus not often pass various tests.

In our time, the diagnosis “diabetes” should not be taken as the end of the world. Lifestyle changes, in some cases, can completely control the entire process of the disease.

Many people who suffer from diabetes have to take medications to lower blood glucose. When this is not enough, the doctor prescribes insulin injections. It happens that the injections are carried out while taking medication. Today there are many new types of drugs that are used together with insulin injections to control glucose.

Methods for the treatment of diabetes in men are constantly being upgraded, but disease control, however, is an issue that requires the hard work of the patient. For this reason, experts recommend to prevent disease rather than cure it.

Over 30% of men will know that they have elevated blood sugar levels only when besides the above symptoms are found deep cardiovascular changes. However, with early diagnosis, adequate dietary and treatment for patients with diabetes today can support a full life, and according to statistics, many people with diabetes live long enough.

Every man needs to understand that due to diabetes, there may be dangerous implications that might be, if the disease is diagnosed late and did not begin treatment. After all, irreversible changes in the body can affect all vital systems and organs of the human body. If you follow the diet, taking medications on time and keep just the right way of life, that diabetes can not cause dangerous for your life, the consequences, and you can live a long and successful life.

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