Unfortunately, the sustained rise in pressure during this period is an alarming symptom. If the pressure increases during pregnancy, doctors fear the possible development of preeclampsia – a dangerous and insidious complications of pregnancy, which is the disorder of functioning of vital organs, and especially the cardiovascular and circulatory system we recommend.

There it is on, the placenta produces a substance, due to which blood vessels are formed pinholes. Through these plasma protein and fluid moves from the blood into tissues, causing swelling, especially of the hands and feet. The worst thing is that not only the swollen limbs, but also the placenta, which is already causing a lack of oxygen in the fetus.

Even if high blood pressure during pregnancy is not a sign of preeclampsia, still it is impossible to give up, after all, no wonder doctors in antenatal pay so much attention to control the pressure in women, standing on the account in anticipation of the baby. The fact that high blood pressure in pregnancy provokes changes in the vessels of the placenta and fetus.

Reduced blood flow between mother and baby is called placental insufficiency. If the child is not enough oxygen and nutrients, can begin its intrauterine growth, and this is very serious.

If the pressure in pregnancy rides regularly and indicators are quite high (140-150 and above), it can lead to premature detachment of the placenta – is very dangerous complications of a normal pregnancy. Hypertension in the mother may be the cause of threatened abortion or premature birth. Finally, high blood pressure in the mother during childbirth can lead to eclampsia – convulsions, which does not benefit either the woman or her child.

The most accurate way to know your blood pressure – measure it with a special device (tonometer) that it is desirable to acquire every pregnant woman, and if there are problems with pressure, it simply purchase required. In house use more convenient to use electronic tonometer, but normal is fine – some doctors even believe that his testimony be exact, and it costs less.

But to raise the pressure of a woman can learn and their own feelings: this condition can be accompanied by headaches, sometimes very strong, dizziness.

During pregnancy pressurizing different resistance, and in some cases may act as a first indication of a serious disease. The fact that doctors fear the onset of preeclampsia, which is one of not only dangerous, but also the insidious disease, which manifests itself in the mind of a serious disorder of functioning of vital organs, and the first begins to suffer exactly the circulatory and cardiovascular systems.

The development of preeclampsia occurs due to the fact that the placenta begins to rapidly produce unique substances can provoke the appearance of pinholes in the vessels through which blood can permeate into the tissue fluid and plasma proteins. As a result, begin to appear quite severe swelling (often suffer from swelling of the hands and feet). The greatest danger is not only swelling of the limbs, but also the placenta, which is the main feature of the baby of oxygen shortage.

As a result, reduce circulation between the child and the mother, is the development of placental insufficiency. In that case, if the growing child starts to experience fairly strong deficiency in nutrients and oxygen, it is likely the beginning of intrauterine growth retardation, which is a serious deviation in the future can lead to serious problems.

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