Rapid weight loss under the influence of a variety of so-called rapid – Diet – is stressful for the human body. Proper weight loss, the more weight loss at home xenical drug, involves the gradual disposal of fatty substances and harmful toxins accumulated in the body due to improper, excessive food and sedentary lifestyles. Normally, without causing harm to the body losing weight, experts – nutritionists believe the loss of no more than two kilograms per month.

How correctly to lose weight at home without resorting to grueling diets, without harming your health? This is possible if you follow certain rules, do not give yourself slack after the first positive results and understand that achieving the cherished goal will require some effort and even sacrifice.The main rule is to organize proper nutrition.

No need to dramatically change the habitual diet. It is enough at first to limit the amount consumed per day usual food. Try not to use only a lot of fluid and sharp spices. Next, read the special literature, drawing attention to books and notes dedicated to old folk recipes slimming. After that – gradually change the diet, removing it from high-calorie foods.

Limit yourself to drink beverages containing alcohol. A person who wants to lose weight, beer is contraindicated. Do not abuse the sweets. Chocolate, cakes, cookies – a taboo! If without sweet, well in any way, replace the usual sweet honey. Instead of sugar, try xylitol. Instead of sweets for tea or take dried apricots marmalade.

After throwing the first few hundred grams, make every effort to keep the new weight for as long as possible. It positively affects the transition to a diet that is called fractional. It consists in that the daily amount of food is divided into more parts 5-6 and taken at different times. The most energy-intensive (high-calorie) should take part in the early hours of the day, leaving the low-calorie on the evening before bedtime. The evening meal should not be abundant. The dinner menu should include foods that are easily digested in the stomach and quickly absorbed by the body. It can be lean fish, a small number of well-cooked meat, seafood, vegetables, salads and fruits. Do not finish dinner melon or watermelon, because they have a lot of moisture, and it can make a night of restless.

If you are going to lose weight at home to do it properly, that is, carefully approach the reception of fruits and vegetables. Not all of them are equally useful. Bananas are a lot of sugary substances, and figs, walnuts, olives contain a lot of fat. Refuse their use is not mandatory, but it is necessary to limit the number. It is only one banana a day, but instead of exotic pineapple and bananas is better to give preference to apples, pears, cherries, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, currants, blueberries.

Useful slimming dishes from cereals. In buckwheat contains a lot of iron. Buckwheat beautiful garnish for any meat dish. A very useful buckwheat following procedure – grind in a coffee grinder or in a blender raw grain buckwheat in the amount of three hundred, five hundred grams. Every morning, before meals, for 30 minutes before a meal, one teaspoon of crushed buckwheat in the mouth and drink clean with warm water. Repeat these procedures on a regular basis. Soon you will notice – your hair has become thicker and softer, strengthened nails brittle and lost.

It does not hurt anyone, if not to give up eating after seven or eight o’clock in the evening. No wonder the ancient sages counseled: “Eat breakfast myself, share dinner with a friend, a dinner give to the enemy.”

It will be correct if the 10-15 minutes before a meal drink 150-200 ml of fluid. It will fill the part of the stomach, leaving less room for food.Food eaten should not drink from the end of the meal. Drink a glass of sweet tea is not too better in 15-20 minutes after eating. Green tea is preferable to black, and even more so it is preferable to coffee.

Dear ladies and girls, grow thin, maintaining health, but do not get carried away too. Do not compete with your friends to see who threw more than grams of extra weight. In such a short competition and anorexia. And it does no good.

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