Smegma (preputial lubrication) – the secret of the glands of the foreskin that accumulates under her inner leaf and coronal sulcus of the penis. Main components – fat and mycobacteria. Fresh selection are white and uniformly distributed on the surface of the head, after a while they become yellowish or greenish tint levitra ohne rezept. Smegma serves as a coating on the head and reducing friction on her foreskin. Smegmoobrazovanie increases in the period of greatest sexual activity (18 – 25 years) and is virtually absent in old age.

Prolonged stagnation of smegma in prepuce with phimosis, violations of rules of personal hygiene contributes to the development of inflammatory and precancerous conditions of the penis. As prevention is necessary to prevent stagnation of smegma, from early childhood, to observe the rules of the male genitalia hygiene. Smegma as other substances serving as lubricant must be removed daily. Daily thorough washing away – an absolute necessity. This rule also applies to men who have been circumcised – they smegma can accumulate in the folds of the bridle, if it persisted, and coronal sulcus.

Usually the trouble of accumulated smegma are teenagers, if they are contemptuous of the rules of hygiene. They called smegma “putty” and remove her hands dirty when it hardens. In his youth, namely non-compliance with the rules of hygiene is the most common cause of infectious diseases of the genital organs. With proper care smegma is not harmful to health.

Sperm (semen, ejaculate) – a mixture allocated during ejaculation secretions of male sexual organs: testicles and their appendages, prostate, seminal vesicles, urethra. Sperm is made up of two separate parts: the seminal plasma – mostly resulting from the secretion of the prostate gland secretions of the testicles, and their appendages seminal gland ducts, and out of uniform elements (sperm or primordial germ cells of the testes).

Cum adult male is a sticky, viscous mucoid heterogeneous and opaque liquid with a characteristic odor. Taste sperm, as well as the odor is determined by the power and character is usually slightly sweet, salty or sour, bitter flavor. With frequent ejaculation sperm becomes less sweet and bitter taste is enhanced. Within 20-30 seconds, the semen is diluted, it becomes homogeneous, viscous and has opaque whitish-gray color. The number of its individual and can range from 1-2 up to 10 ml or more. The number of sperm can vary depending on age, health status, the amount of fluid you drink, the frequency of ejaculations, and so on. The more committed sexual or masturbatory acts, the less the amount of each subsequent portion of the ejaculate. A large amount of semen does not mean it higher fertility. The average volume of the semen, provided that ejaculation occurs with a 3-day intervals, ranging from 3 to 5 ml.

Fertilized by the sperm’s ability characterizes the number of spermatozoa in 1 ml of semen, which normally amounts to 60-120 million. The motile spermatozoa should not be less than 70% of their total number, the lower limit of normal (according to WHO) is considered to be not less than 20 million. spermatozoa in 1 ml (semen).

Scrotum – skin and a muscular body in a cavity of which there are testicles, epididymis and the initial division of the spermatic cord, separated each other by a partition, which corresponds to the outside of the embryonic joint. The seam may well be noticeable, or conversely, almost invisible. On health is not affected.

Pigmented skin of the scrotum is covered with sparse hair, it contains a lot of sweat and sebaceous glands, the secret of which has a specific smell. Placing the testes in the scrotum allows them to create a temperature lower than inside the body. The optimum temperature is considered 34- 34,5 ° C. The temperature is maintained approximately constant due to the fact that the scrotum drops below in warm conditions and is tightened to the body in a cold environment. The scrotum is also a body of men sexual feelings (erogenous zone).

Testicles (testes, testicles) – paired male sex gland, the main function of which is the formation of sperm, and the selection in the bloodstream of male sex hormones (testosterone). Testicles are located inside the scrotum and are usually located at different levels (usually the left lower right) may also vary in size. The dimensions of each egg in length – 4-6 cm in width – 2.5-3.5 cm.

Testicles require special attention to comply with the rules of hygiene male genitalia. testicular temperature should be 4 degrees lower than body temperature, because the temperature is too high violates formation of sperm. Even one-time immersion in hot water of the testicles can impair the ability to fertilize the next six months. Men, sedentary, have from time to time to get up and walk to the testes is moved away from the hot body.

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