Syphilis – a chronic systemic infectious disease transmitted usually through sexual contact priligy online doctor.

The course of syphilis undulating, with alternating periods of exacerbation and symptoms subsided. In severe cases, the disease leads to the defeat of the internal organs, bones and joints, and nervous system.

The causative agent of syphilis treponema pale, it is called so because it remains invisible through the light microscope when stained with conventional dyes.

In most cases, the infection occurs through sexual contact with an open hearth infection (chancre, syphilitic gum). pathogen transmission is also possible through everyday (for example, using a common dishes), through blood products and from mother to fetus (in this case we speak of congenital syphilis). After atrium (microtraumas groin skin, body, mouth mucosa, genital) pathogen enters the lymph nodes and then to the systemic circulation.


The incubation period averages about 3-6 weeks. The first sign of the disease is the formation at the site of contact painless chancre sores dense rounded 0.5-2 cm in diameter, with a smooth, shiny bottom. These sores usually do not bleed and do not tend to merge. During the first week after the appearance of the chancre swollen lymph nodes affected area (there is a regional lymphadenitis). This period of the disease is called primary syphilis. Sometimes primary foci may not be, or they are on the internal genitals (eg, on the wall of the vagina in women), which greatly complicates the diagnosis. Syphilitic ulcer can secondarily infected. This process is accompanied by severe swelling, redness in the chancre, with the surface of the ulcer can be separated pus. In the analysis of discharge from the ulcer area is not always possible to allocate a pale treponemu, because of what may be mistaken to conclude that the absence of syphilis.

After about 2-3 months after infection, when the skin and mucous generalized rash appears, it is possible to talk about the transition of the disease into the second period. By this time, the primary focus, as a rule, disappear, leaving scarring. Cutaneous manifestations of secondary syphilis are caused by vascular changes in the deep layers of the skin. The rash is localized on the trunk, extremities, on the face and on the palms and soles. Eruptions can be spotted, bubble or pustular and have a dark red color, which fades with the passage of time. Outbreaks rash formed on the unchanged background, the individual elements do not tend to merge. Very rarely, rash accompanied by itching. In the analysis of scrapings from secondary syphilides found pale treponema, indicating that their infectivity. In 10% of cases occur in the proliferation of cells of the mucous membranes, under the breasts, in the armpits, the anus followed by their weeping. This so-called extensive warts, which are characterized by a high degree of infectiousness.

The appearance of the rash is sometimes accompanied by a slight malaise, sore throat, slight fever. The duration of the secondary period of the disease is a few days. Without treatment, the disease becomes latent (asymptomatic) form.

Sick latent syphilis is contagious, and the possibility of transmission from mother to fetus. During this period, which can last a few years or even a lifetime, in the blood have antibodies to the causative agent of the disease. Approximately 30% of patients the disease becomes the Tertiary period, which is characterized by severe destructive lesions of the internal organs and systems. Tertiary syphilides (gumma) on the skin are a single painless dense lumps, exciting the deepest layers of the skin and subcutaneous fat layer. In the center of gumma often forms a portion of necrosis, followed by the formation of rough scar drawn. Exactly the same gumma may appear in any internal organ. More often than not involved in the process of bone and cartilage tissue and the nervous system. In the first case holes are formed in the solid and the soft palate, nasal and laryngeal cartilages. Infection of the nervous system (neurosyphilis) leads to the appearance of symptoms of the defeat of the meninges, the development of paresis and paralysis, as well as mental disorders. gummas Education in the cardiovascular system is fraught with the development of aneurysms, aortic wall inflammation, narrowing of heart vessels.

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