For example, for weight loss, nutritionists suggest we drink cold water, and ice is best, as the body takes one calorie to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree. To raise it, as you know, we need 36, 6. Plus, it is true, from this innovation, as well as negative calories, doubtful, because to lose weight without restricting your diet, you need to drink at least a bucket of three cold water per day . And a sore throat after an ice pick up some water for long.

Based on numerous studies, researchers concluded that the brain of each person has a certain facility, controlling body weight. That’s why, if you lose weight rapidly, disagrees with this body weight returns to its previous “reference” for him, the state.

In order to lose weight without the return of weight, say scientists, is necessary to increase its weight artificially (eg, wear all the time with a backpack full of bricks), as well as the real weight loss to chip and from the bricks, thus changing the reading of the internal counter weight. an interesting method, explains why it is so difficult to lose weight after giving birth, but to carry at all times for a bag of bricks – this is for the brave and strong-minded girls.In order to lose weight as a result of refusal of food, but it does not feel hunger, aromatherapy recommends inhaling the smell of apples, green banana, mint or vanilla. Aromatherapists sure that these smells suppress appetite.

American nutritionists advise to consider not calorie foods, and how much time you brought the fork to his mouth. In order to lose weight you must restrict 60-70 “taps”, however, it is nowhere mentioned what kind of food you can eat.

French physician offers to lose weight on the moon cycles (after all, has long been known that the moon affects the body), the moon is full you need to drink as much fluid as the new moon to eat only vegetables. This way to lose weight is called the lunar diet and has recently become more popular among women.

If so, all these methods have not inspired much confidence in you, see what you say about these:

– Experts argue that jumping with a parachute, you can just lose weight by three kilograms.

– Very original recipe diet offers a 57-year-old resident of Lithuania Stanislav Monstviliene. It recommends that every day to eat 2 kg of sand – it is good for your health and helps buy xenical online to get rid of the extra kilos. Sand, by the way, is not sugar, but an ordinary river itself Stanislaus for five years and it uses very pleased with the result of diet. We, in turn, warn readers that this method is not patented, and has not passed the appropriate clinical trials, because if you want to use it you will be entirely at your own risk.

Housewife from Vologda advises not to use diet to lose weight, but just throw a fridge (and all the products too), gas stove and do major repairs in the apartment. During the renovation will be a lot of energy, and there is no refrigerator and stove, you will have nothing to – lose weight at the same time and make repairs.

– At the next method of weight loss is not a particular author, but it is very effective: spend absolutely all of your money on expensive things, but choose clothes several sizes smaller than you have now, and shoes at the highest heels. Money for food will not, but the incentive to lose weight quickly rife.

– Unknown nutritionist from Russia offers catering its not changed, just put on a chair leaf, where it is written the name of anyone you liked the diet, such as the Kremlin diet, take the leaf and sit on it without getting up or for what reason, just enough hours in the day on how many kilos you want to lose weight. Thus it is impossible to read or use a computer, you just need to sit on a “diet” and lose weight. If after a week the usual “diet” does not work, the author of innovations advises to replace the sign with the words: “an effective diet” and continue to sit on it.

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