Anemia – the most common blood abnormality. By itself, anemia – this is not a diagnosis, but a symptom of various diseases that affect a variety of organs. Previously it called anemia anemia, but the occurrence of the disease is usually not due to a decrease in circulating blood volume, and with a change in its content of important components – red blood cells, or (and) hemoglobin team health.

Hemoglobin – a protein found in red blood cells and performing the function of oxygen transport to the tissues of the body. For the synthesis of hemoglobin need to iron, so a deficiency of this trace element reduces the amount of hemoglobin. It is not always decline corresponds to the reduction in the amount of hemoglobin of red blood cells in the blood, so to assess the condition of the patient and causes anemia specialists are guided by both of these parameters of blood – red blood cells and hemoglobin.

Causes of anemia

The mechanism of anemia associated with exposure to three main factors, which can be combined with each other or act as an isolated cause.

Violation of red blood cells formation. The cause of such disorders can be a critical deficiency of iron and vitamins (especially folic acid and B12). Some pathological conditions of bone marrow can also cause red blood cell disorder with severe clinical picture of anemia.

The loss of red blood cells: usually causes anemia, blood loss that may result from trauma, surgery or certain diseases (eg, intense blood loss at abnormally heavy period). Anemia associated with the loss of red blood cells, called post-hemorrhagic.

Intensive destruction of erythrocytes: occurs under the action of toxins coming from outside the body, or formed in some pathological processes. This is usually called hemolytic anemia.

How to cope with anemia?

Treatment of anemia should deal only with the doctor, and the healing process begins at the same time a comprehensive survey aimed at identifying the causes of the arisen state. no treatment without diagnosis will not bring the expected results: the effect or not at all, or it will be very short lived. At the first sign of anemia it is advisable to consult a doctor, therapist, who will appoint a consultation of doctors of other specialties, if necessary.

Found in the survey the disease, leading to anemia, require treatment. In some cases, revealed a pathology requiring surgery: gastric ulcer disease, uterine fibroids, ulcerative colitis, malignant tumors. In case of violation of the menstrual cycle, your doctor may prescribe hormone therapy, detection of chronic infection requires antibiotic therapy and immunnokorrektsii and so on. N. If the anemia is caused by acute blood loss, first stop the bleeding, and then begin to replenish stocks of iron and red blood cells.

Severe anemia is treated in the hospital, because this situation is life-threatening and therefore require rapid restoration of hemoglobin and iron levels, as well as support the work of the whole organism. When threatening anemia blood transfusions.

Traditional treatment of anemia is to appoint iron and vitamin B12. iron preparations can be administered in the form of tablets or parenteral route – in the form of injection (intramuscular and intravenous). Admission iron tablets are much more convenient and does not require placement in a hospital, but is associated with some side effects, the most common of which – constipation, which can significantly impair the quality of life of patients who are prone to disruption of bowel movement. Therefore, in some cases, even with moderate anemia, experts recommend iron supplements in the form of an injection, especially now there are iron-containing drugs, which are limited to the introduction of a course of 2-3 injections (such as Venofer). It is important to remember that the injections of iron preparations is also not devoid of side effects and some of the risk, so you should discuss all these details with your doctor.

All patients with anemia appointed health food, which, though not in a position to cope with the problem in moderate to severe anemia, but significantly accelerates the recovery. The diet is required to include animal proteins – meat (especially beef and veal) and by-products. Power anemic patient should contain a sufficient amount of vitamins in the form of fresh vegetables, fruits and berries.

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