Psychosomatic disorders, in essence, is the body’s response in symbolic form in the unacceptable situation in life It is formed by two mechanisms:displacement of the unfavorable circumstances of the mind – a kind of protection against it unacceptable, unacceptable thoughts and feelings;conversion – a manifestation of the subconscious transformed into a symbolic states.

From this viewpoint interpreted many diseases. For example, bronchial asthma attack is inhibited “weeping” and restrained splash of negative emotions; as he is treated as a failure to “breathe” – to realize itself in all spheres of life, to meet their own needs and requirements, doing things you love. Another common disease is vasomotor rhinitis: it has a pronounced psychosomatic component – “unshed” tears, as happens in the case of the ban on display of emotions of sadness.

Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract are a kind of inability to “digest” life’s troubles. Language features Russians well reflect this phenomenon, because surely all familiar with phrases like “I do not digest it”, “I hate it, just do not digest their work”, etc. On the physical level, this is reflected in the form of reduced gastric acidity, motility, and worsening the appearance of diseases associated with it. A figure of speech “to engage samoedstvom” has a strong psychosomatic base – it is believed that diseases such as gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer – a somatized self-incrimination. During the fault must always be punished, so people staying a long time in this state, and reproaching himself for something, eventually begins to “digest” itself physically.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system is easy enough to interpret in terms of psychosomatic theory. The spine is the backbone of the whole organism, and in those cases, when a person loses “support” moral – ceases to resist unpleasant life circumstances, psychologically “bent” under the weight of problems push – formed exactly the same physical disorders. Typical symptoms of the disease are also worries about the lack of third-party, external support, the reluctance to take active steps to improve the living and passivity.

Psychosomatic diseases of the reproductive system is somewhat more complicated: in this area there is less research, but there are assumptions about the mechanism of formation of psychological infertility. In the event of an internal conflict, as well as the presence of fears and phobias associated with childbirth, the body “turns off” this option in order not to injure the “carrier” of the mind, and in view of the fact that this feature is optional and does not carry vital importance, it is easy It occurs under the action of running biochemical processes disrupted hormones, women stop menstruating, men may cause dysfunction and other problems. No wonder when unexplained infertility is sent to a psychologist or a therapist – to many people only overcome internal barriers allows to conceive and bear healthy children.

Algii sorts – pain in different parts of the body – may also be caused by psychological component. Most of us have heard or even once used the phrase like “head bursting with problems ‘,’ In my heart hurts”, “hand does not rise to do it”, and many others. In some cases, physical pain is a reflection of mental pain, especially in a state of grief or loss.

 Violations of the senses function occurs in those cases when a person feels the urgent need to “disconnect” from the outside world signals. When poor, frightening, annoying life circumstances, hostile environment, or other factors, temporary deafness may occur, a sharp deterioration of vision, loss of sensation in the limbs, etc.

Of course, each of these diseases should be subject to thorough medical examination, treatment and control, and is not always the mechanism of their formation is psychogenic nature. However, in cases where the cause can be ascertained, it is necessary to wonder about the mental experiences.

Psychoprophylaxis, learning relaxation techniques, stabilization of mental status, self-overcoming internal conflicts arise – the basis of a mental, and therefore physical health. It is important not to “chase” the problem inside and not to postpone them indefinitely – work on yourself involves attention not only to the body but to the mind, for which also applies the concept of a healthy lifestyle.

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