Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder. It is manifested by episodes of severe starvation, uncontrolled overeating and lack of satiety feelings. For bulimia nervosa recommended site to buy elavil online is characterized by recurrent fluctuations in weight. Bouts of overeating usually alternated with attempts to “purify” themselves: people drink a laxative, causes vomiting, trying to starve or exhaust yourself excessive exercise. The main task of the person becomes getting rid of excess weight. At the same time deal with bouts of famine normal methods are not possible.

Recognize bulimia is difficult. Of course, half bulimikov due to overeating obese, but the other half has normal weight, and the disease is trying to keep secret from their surroundings.

Ill mostly young women, because it is for their body weight is a very important criterion. The disease has three age peaks: 15-16 years, 22-25 years and 27-28 years.

Bulimia – an extremely painful disease. Man, even eating large amounts of food, can not overcome the feeling of hunger. But after eating begins pangs of conscience for improper conduct and the calories eaten. As a result, a person tries to get rid of the food, causing vomiting. The disease has a tendency to progression, so overeating can become completely out of control, and in the human personality occur irreversible changes.

Usually the causes of bulimia nervosa are low self-esteem, trauma, stress, depression, or constant fear of gaining extra weight. Bulimia occurs because the person easier to get rid of stress with food, because it is – one of the simple pleasures. Bulimia can be masochistic, obsessive, demonstrative roots or be due to a desire to be sexually attractive.

Symptoms of bulimia nervosa

Of course, the main symptom of bulimia is uncontrolled hunger, which can not satisfy the usual amount of food. Man is still before the attack of bulimia is completed, after which it is usually guilty conscience, and he tries to get rid of the food eaten by artificial means (causing vomiting, taking laxatives).

Also bulimia nervosa manifested behavior changes. The sick person becomes withdrawn, reclusive, depressed. Only while eating his mood improved.

Uncontrolled bouts of overeating and an inability to limit yourself to food cause depression, neurosis. Man loses efficiency.

Due to the rapid absorption of food may develop sore throat (pharyngitis, tonsillitis). Damages and tooth enamel, destroy the gastric acid. Due to the malnutrition suffered human skin.

Of course, the first risk organs of the digestive system, heart and blood vessels. And, most importantly, the mind suffers. Progresses, the disease changes a person beyond recognition.

Thus, bulimia nervosa becomes the cause of many harmful effects: disturbances of the menstrual cycle in women, a violation intestinal motility, constipation, diseases of the pancreas, kidney, endocrine system diseases and metabolic disorders. Sometimes bulimia cause stomach bleeding.

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