A panic attack is a means bouts starting at the person a sudden manner and accompanied by intense fears of a number of characteristic symptoms. Panic attack http://understand-andcure-anxietyattacks-panicattacks-depression.com/, the symptoms of which are expressed in particular in the heart palpitations, sweating, paleness, shortness of breath and other manifestations, lasts no more than an hour, appearing on average up to three times a week.

Attacks of panic attack may occur in the most different type of situations, but often marked their appearance in finding patients in public transport, in terms of closed spaces and in public places. The apparent reason for their occurrence in most cases are not available, respectively, of the patient’s health or life is not in danger (that also applies to relatives and people around him). Thus, it is no exaggeration analogy with thunder, arising out of the blue when considering the specifics of attacks panic attack.

Panic disorder is a relevant order of 5% of the population, the average age of patients experiencing seizures, is 20-30 years. How can I suggest focusing on the age group, the reason for this particular age range is the overall importance of this period for a person, because it is the time events occur, the most important for him. Accordingly, these events subsequently exert a significant influence on the formation of man as a person. The statistics also indicate that women are three times more likely to experience bouts of panic attacks.

Domestic experts have long been used enough (and is used today), but also such definition of this phenomenon as “cardioneurosis”, “vegetative crisis”, “neuro-circulatory dystonia (NCD)”, “simpatoadrenalinovy ​​crisis”, “dystonia, characterized by crisis course” which reflect a representation of the disease with respect to violations of the autonomic nervous system on the basis of symptoms, which is leading it.

“Panic Attack” as well as “panic disorder”, as the terms of the particular condition, characterized by global recognition, being introduced in the International Classification of Diseases. At the same time relevant to the patient’s panic attacks is not a direct indication of the existence of his panic disorder.

It should be noted that the panic attacks themselves can act as symptom touching thereby somatoform functions, pheochromocytoma, depressive disorders and phobias, heart disease, mitochondrial diseases and endocrinology, etc. In addition, its effect on their appearance may cause taking certain medications. As a method that allows to determine the severity that characterizes panic attacks, experts applied the scale of gravity corresponding to this objective in determining the characteristics of panic disorder. Also this can be used corresponding to the specifics of questionnaires and tests.

Causes panic attacks

Regarding the issue of the causes of panic attacks, a clear answer does not exist. In most cases, experts are of the opinion that the development of panic attacks occur in people who have had to go in the long traumatic situation, the scale does not exclude a one-time occurrence of severe stress.

Meanwhile, in contrast to the accepted variants of the reasons stated, that not every person who finds himself in this or that period of life in the severe situation in this respect, faced with panic attacks. With this in mind, we can highlight that it is not the last role in this case, genetic predisposition, personality traits, temperament, state of hormonal levels, etc. For example, on the basis of several studies regarding such reactions, it was revealed that a panic reaction predisposed that category of persons who have indicated a low level of exercise tolerance. In addition, there are panic attacks often on the background of various diseases related to the work of the internal organs (pancreas, thyroid, heart).

Panic attacks are characterized by the progression and achievement of the maximum within a short time period, and that is what allows you to distinguish them from somatic diseases. At the same time the occurrence of attacks always occur suddenly. Most often panic attacks occur in the waking period, and if the development of this condition is noted in a dream, that it is accompanied by a general increase in the severity and its duration.

 If we consider the length of time between attacks, you’ll notice that it differs significantly in individual patients, ranging from a few days / months to several years. In general, this period is characterized by a gradual development of depression that occurs as a result of frequent thoughts about the possibility of such attacks, fear, reduced to the thought of having a serious physical illness, etc. The fact that the first episodes of panic attack – it is always an indelible mark on his memory, and on the basis of what appears like waiting, fixing, in turn, the possibility of recurrence.

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