Bronchitis – an inflammatory disease. This inflammation affects the mucous membrane of the lungs and bronchial tree. Bronchitis is of two types: acute and chronic. Symptoms of acute bronchitis lasts from a few days up to three to four weeks. These symptoms are common to all ARI-diseases that pass from the defeat of the bronchial tree. Symptoms of chronic bronchitis is a persistent cough. The cause of this type of bronchitis is a long smoking and respiratory failure.

All diseases of the body caused by pollution of the gastrointestinal tract. For example, chronic bronchitis, no matter how many people will be surprised, too, to some extent associated with it.

It is often assumed that most people suffer from bronchitis over 50 years, but this is not entirely true. Of course, age plays a role, but often suffer from bronchitis, people exposed to harmful environmental conditions, with bad environment, with poor nutrition, with hypothermia, poor living conditions. Also, people with low birth weight. Suffer the same for both men and women. Chronic bronchitis is most often fatal. The reasons for this outcome – the rapid development of pulmonary heart failure and abnormal enlargement of the air spaces.

Symptoms of bronchitis

If there is a cough, runny nose, headache – this is the first symptomatic manifestations of the disease. Bronchitis is easily confused with the flu or the common cold, as the symptoms are very similar.

Consult your doctor can make an accuracy in determining the diagnosis of the patient’s complaints. Often, the main symptom of bronchitis is annoying and continuous coughing. Chronic bronchitis develops in people who work in hazardous environments, due to smoking and the effects on the environmental conditions. But mostly acute bronchitis in adults occurs by ingestion of infection.

The duration of the disease in the acute form can last several days or weeks. The disease is an acute form is accompanied by a dry cough, high temperature up to 39C, a runny nose. Cough although a symptom of the disease, but this protective function of the body, which allows to display the mucus from the respiratory tract. Sputum in children can have a greenish tint or yellowish-gray, that means that there is a bacterial infection.

The white mass of mucus is its absence. Benefit of the body brings a productive cough, allowing the patient for several days free from accumulated mucus. The examination can reveal the characteristic wheezing, arising from the mass resulting mucus in the respiratory organs. The final recovery from acute bronchitis occurs within 10 days.

If you have not recovered the patient, there is a high probability of transition of acute to chronic forms. And then the sickness could be delayed indefinitely. In the case of chronic bronchitis in adult course or in children, cough is present for several months, there wheezing hissing character.

Sometimes the cough is accompanied by hemoptysis. Certainly you need to ensure that dry cough becomes wet, and departed sputum. Symptoms of bronchitis in infants at the beginning of the inflammatory process – frequent, dry, exhausting, without expectoration. Severe shortness of breath becomes noticeable whistling loud wheezing when listening (auscultation), high temperature. In running a chronic bronchitis is converted into purulent.

However, bronchial fluid moves pus. Purulent bronchitis may occur as a result of a weakened immune system. Coughing up phlegm with pus impurity, shortness of breath, pain in the sternum area, fever, weakness, sweating, headache – symptoms of purulent bronchitis, which can develop into pneumonia.

The symptoms of bronchitis are also largely depend on the type of disease and the nature of the disease.

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