Social phobia – this tension first. Whatever you fear – public speaking, meeting with the new company, exam or that someone will watch your work, in all of these situations, you are tense alprazolam effects.

Fear, anxiety – all this speaks in the body of certain muscular jaws. Watch yourself: what happens to your body when you imagine this unpleasant situation? The head is pressed into the shoulders? Or bends back? Or begin to twitch nervously hand, there is a tremor, and redness?

If your fear of society in many ways is accompanied by physical symptoms, you will be the same measures as for a panic attack. Also, this is what I wrote in detail in the article “How to get rid of the pain.” You’ll have to master the skills of working with the body, learn to recognize it at all (to begin with), and then gradually learn to control the different muscle groups, especially those who are involved in your phobic reaction.

What you mainly need, if your presentation / interview / meeting new people / long stay in a public place – tomorrow? Start practicing relaxation yesterday.

Do obscherasslablyayuschee exercise: turn the mind’s eye “view” all muscle groups (ranging, for example, from the toes up to the very top of the head), try to feel their stress, and then relax as much as possible.

You can use such a metaphor of the imagination, as, for example, to imagine that the muscles are like jelly, or that you are lying on a heated stone, and “are melting”, or that you pat kakie-to magic hands or your body is immersed in a warm water. It is important that you are comfortable sitting or lying, and not in a state of sleepiness at bedtime.

The point of this exercise – to learn to relax, staying in the active phase of life in mind. Your account must be active, alert, carefully follow all the manifestations of your body, but the body itself should be relaxed.

This skill is worth a little work before worrying for you social situation. When is the crucial moment, you will be able to apply this skill before you dive into an unpleasant event for you, and enter into it already less stressful, and as a consequence – the emotions of fear and anxiety will be less as the negative physical manifestations.

If you are persecuted by the fear of the people in contact with the company – try to take an open position. This is not to “fall apart” does not mean “no intersection”. Someone really comfortable to sit leg to leg or lean his head on his folded hands in the castle. Most importantly – do not roll up into a ball, do not crook, not bowing himself with his hands, as if the room temperature is below zero.

Ask yourself, how would you sat / stood in this room, if there were not people? How would you have settled down in this chair if no one was looking at you? And try to do just that by paying attention primarily to its convenience – the desire to take a comfortable posture hardly anyone wants to condemn.

Learn to communicate non-verbally with people. Do a simple exercise. In that part of the conversation where you can safely shut up and watch others do not try to feel what they say, but HOW.

Try not to attach importance to the information contained in their words, and the tone, look, a smile or a grimace on his face, posture, gestures. I would even say – deliberately ignore the human content of the speech, emphasizing on the remaining signals.

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