So many people can not have problems with potency, but have problems with erection hardness erectile dysfunction natural treatment. Even if you have no problems with the hardness of your penis, you will still have the opportunity to improve its occupancy of blood.

Any experienced NUPer (NUPer – man, engaged in natural penis enlargement) will tell you that the penis is composed of at least two kinds of fabrics, measurable increase – a tunic and muscle tissue of the penis.

Tunica is a protein shell that surrounds the two cavernous bodies of the penis, as well as muscle tissue as a part of the corpus cavernosum.

Muscle tissue is a part of the corpus cavernosum of the penis, and of its volume and the amount depends on the hardness of erections, penis size (IF). Not all penises contain the same amount of muscle-IF. The survey showed that the amount of muscle tissue decreases with age, which may cause a deterioration in the quality of erection.

So, if the volume and the number of your muscle tissue is not sufficient to cover the outflow of blood quality, the erection will not be strong as we would like. Tunic and IF muscles compared with the camera and the tire wheel, where the role of the chamber takes the IF-muscle, and the role of the tire acts tunic. So, if the camera (IF muscle) is highly inflated and rests on the tire, the wheel becomes hard. A similar principle applies to the penis.

Why NUPery puzzled by this phenomenon? American NUPerami was seen following fact: some after the beginning of classes and the first increase NUPom noticed a parallel improvement in erection hardness, others, on the contrary, with each increase of sexual erection member becomes not so hard as it was before. A large community of American NUPerov not ignore this issue and to understand the reason of which will be discussed further.

The fact that the increase of various parameters (length and thickness) of the inverter, there are various exercises. Those. to increase the length and stretch tunic NUPery resorted to stretching exercises and to train muscle IF and IF increase mainly in the girth using the so-called vascular exercises (jelqing, Julia, klemping). The conclusion from this is: those who have seen the deterioration of an erection, longer tunic stretched, and pay less attention to training IF muscle. Those. it turns out that IF the muscle is not strong enough rests in a tunic, which leads to an erection is not pronounced.

Severe stress at work or long-term mental stimulation causes problems with ejaculation. This phenomenon often occurs when changing sexual partner. New emotions cause psychological stress and rapid ejaculation.

Over time, the process of returning to normal. Also have a pathological effect and inflammatory diseases of the genital organs. In many pathologies observed swelling of ejaculatory and urethra. This causes a rapid flow of secretion of seminal fluid from the prostate gland.

There may also be a decrease in the volume of ejaculate. When a head redness, itching urethra or decrease sperm need to visit a urologist. The doctor will identify the cause of inflammation and prescribe the necessary treatment.

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