The human body is arranged in such a way that all the bodies can be divided into vital and auxiliaries. Liver clearly belongs to the first group. Its importance in maintaining the viability of the organism can not be overstated lasix iv push. It is a powerful parenchymal organ that combines the digestive gland and peculiar biochemical laboratory.

It is here that all the central biochemical reactions and are responsible for the maintenance of life processes. Naturally, the more complex the body structure and above the load on it, the more vulnerable it is. And despite the excellent regenerative-regenerative ability of the liver, the number of diseases it, turning into liver failure, continues to grow steadily.

Liver – is the largest gland of the human body, which carries out most of the functions of all the organs. Liver damage may be accompanied, as a violation of one or all of its functions, that is the basis of severity of the disease.

In the group of hepatic diseases all kinds of destruction of all structures, which do not go beyond the anatomical limits of the body can be included. This may be hepatocytes and liver slices that they form, intrahepatic arterial and venous blood vessels, and bile ducts. Diseases of the bile duct and gall bladder should be considered a separate heading.

Symptoms of liver disease is considered part of nausea, heartburn, very unpleasant, pungent smell of sweat, the yellowish color of the skin, urine is dark yellow, diarrhea, changes in fecal color to dark brown or pale yellow, sometimes green.

Also, liver disorders can cause acne in adulthood, often feel hunger or severe and frequent thirst, itching some thin skin, poor vision. For example, a person may start to confuse white with yellow, strongly feel the cold, the heat, do not sleep at night, while experiencing fever, heart palpitations. Can start losing his hair, eyebrows. Convulsions occur formed papilloma begins brain development of atherosclerosis, heart, intestine, blood vessels legs.

Typical problems with the liver of organic and functional plan are recognized easily by their characteristic symptoms. But some situations create difficulties for the proper diagnosis even experienced hepatologist (professionals involved in diseases of the liver). It all depends on the specific form of the disease, the individual characteristics of the body, the presence or absence of comorbidity.

As liver hurts?

Slight pain in the right upper quadrant as an aching pain, bloating and heaviness. Characterize sluggish pathological process of inflammation toxic or other origin. This type of pain in the liver is likely due to an increase in body size and overstretching liver capsule. Patients may not clearly indicate a pain point;

Intensive widespread pain in the right upper quadrant. There are rare and say anything about the inflammatory, purulent, traumatic pathological process, or the defeat of the bile duct stones;

Strong local point pain in the liver projection. Not typical for liver damage and in most cases is associated with the pathology of the gallbladder and extrahepatic bile ducts;

The complete absence of pain in a liver. It is common in low-intensity liver diseases, which for a long time remain unnoticed and are determined only at the stage of liver failure or liver cirrhosis.

Tips for liver disease

Those who suffer from liver disease, you need to give up bad habits, from eating spicy, hot, greasy. Avoid heat and sun. The food should be consumed steamed or boiled, braised. I do not eat food yesterday. You can not eat onions and garlic, and it is better to add to eat horseradish and mustard; have cooked chicken, not fried. You also can not duck, goat meat or dried meat is the same. Eat raw vegetables. Do not eat too much of dairy products, eat often, but slowly.

You can have a sweet, sweet tea can help with pain in the liver. Eat well as by sweet, bitter, astringent.

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