Non-specific intestinal ulcers occur only rarely. In the literature can be found only separate description of this disease. This nonspecific ulcer ulceration in contrast to fixed nature which can be tuberculous, syphilitic and cancer buy amoxicillin 500 mg. It is believed that this disease is about 3 times more common in men than in women, and is found mainly in people of middle and old age.

The causes and pathogenesis of the disease are unknown. Since pathological picture increasingly dominated by the phenomenon of acute necrosis, than changes characteristic of chronic (peptic) gastroduodenal ulcers, we can assume that local vascular factors (embolism, thrombosis), local mechanical damage to the mucosa or focal inflammation can cause these diseases.

Symptoms, course and complications. Ulcers of the small intestine may occur acutely or chronically, asymptomatic or with atypical pain periomphalic area. However, most often the first time they appear suddenly, and symptoms of bowel perforation clinic acute abdomen. Thus, analyzing the messages 130, as described in the literature about the primary nonspecific ulcers of the small intestine, it has been found that in this case was 81 ulcer perforation.

In more rare cases, the small intestine ulcers complicated by intestinal bleeding.

Clinical diagnosis is difficult. Only in rare cases when there yazvennopodobnom pain and signs of recurrent intestinal bleeding process of elimination of ulcer disease and other gastroduodenal diseases, and colon lesions doctor can come to a conclusion about a possible intestinal disease and guide the radiologist in the sighting study of the intestine. However, X-ray view of the well-known difficulties in connection with the peculiarities of the mucosa of the small intestine structure, as well as the gut location of the small intestine ulcers difficult to identify. If the ulcer perforated and there was a massive intestinal bleeding, laparotomy and resection of the gastrointestinal tract of the small intestine ulcers often be detected.

Symptoms perforating intestinal ulcers do not differ from those in the perforation of peptic gastroduodenal ulcers.

During the chronic ulcer is a rare complication of intestinal lumen stenosis./p>

Treatment for a small bowel ulcer therapeutic, in uncomplicated cases is designed poorly. Since there is never a certainty that the ulcer is ulcerated tumor, better to surgical treatment. The complicated and diagnostically doubtful cases – surgical treatment.

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