Myths about roulette, unlike Greek, appear almost daily. Too popular this game, both online and in land-based casinos. Debunk some of them quite possibly even slightly increase the chances of winning in this wonderful game, and consequently an increase in the quantity of money in their own pockets

Myth 1: All Roulette are the same

Nothing like this. And we are not talking about any shortcomings in the art. To begin Let us examine the differences between the most popular types of roulette – European and American. The difference is small, at first glance. Only one number is added to the number. Here are just a result of adding this figure radically changes the picture.

The house edge on American roulette is almost twice higher than in Europe. In the long run this could lead to a fairly large sum of money. When choosing a table to play absolutely necessary to stop just near the European wheel.

Myth 2: The results of the fall of the ball is not random

The most persistent myth about roulette assures players that the position of the ball drop depends on where he had been in the previous spins.

As an example can be considered a situation where ten times fallen red. Many believe that after this session, the probability of single-color black is increased. Brad is complete! The ball has no memory! The probability of the opposite color is still a little less than fifty percent, the same as for its repetition. Each spin – independent test, if the language of the theory of probability.

Also, many players tend to track a long time do not drop out numbers to fill up their chips. The logic is simple, if each number should fall once out of 37, it is mathematically not look favorably precipitated number. That’s just math works in the long run, and you can never guarantee that the number has not dropped a hundred spins never, be sure to attract the ball to himself.

Myth 3: You can beat roulette with a mathematical system

This is a direct consequence of the previous myth, with many players buy “absolutely reliable” system for roulette harping. That’s just essentially all such calculations can not work. You can repeat again – the ball drop does not depend on the previous issue.

As for the rates of strategies such as the Martingale and D’Alembert, the casino rules themselves imply a loss for fans of such entertainment. Restaurant is in a hurry, he had plenty of time to wait for the moment when the player is forced to make a disadvantageous bet and lose.

Roulette – a game of luck, use your chance and come away with a win from the casino.

Myth 4: Money Management

The principles of managing money for the game, of course, important and necessary, have no effect on the mathematical advantage of the casino. Restaurant in any case will receive its profits, regardless of whether you watch your bankroll or not. It’s the law, and casinos to change the player is not able to.

All the myths about the queen of games are the result of folk art and the eternal dream of getting a light all at once. Roulette – a great way to relax and to tickle your own nerves. Most worryingly, when it becomes the only hope for salvation. Of course, the magic happen winnings, only fatal and injury also has not been canceled. Keep yourself in their hands, relax, enjoy themselves in the game and not on the game itself.

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