Due to the deterioration of the environment and a significant increase in respiratory infections of children’s immunity is greatly reduced. Because of this, increasingly common infant asthma and various allergies buy ventolin without prescription.

Asthma – a chronic disease caused by airway inflammation and, consequently, a spasm of the bronchial tubes, which begin to secrete large amounts of mucus. This prevents the normal passage of air through the airways.

Depending on how often and how hard attacks occur, it is necessary to use some means aimed at arresting them. In most cases, children suffering from diseases such as bronchial asthma, had this ailment since birth more in their genes. For every 100 asthmatics account for at least 60 who have relatives suffering from the same disease. In addition to heredity exacerbates health and more bad environment that adversely affects the child’s genes.

Signs and symptoms of asthma in children

In children, the time a correct diagnosis, asthma, can be difficult. This is due to the fact that quite often the disease has the same symptoms as the common cold, viral respiratory diseases. Often parents do not realize that some of the symptoms indicate a much more serious disease than the common cold.

However, asthma is not a fever in children, even if the cough is very frequent and dry, no sputum. Before the onset of the symptoms themselves or asthma symptoms usually occur a few days precursors. Their duration of each child is different. During this time, children are often angry, scared, are in constant agitation, sleep poorly.

Parents should be careful when these symptoms in a child, to monitor the body temperature. This is necessary to ensure that the end to be sure that not caused cough cold. If your child has asthma runs in the severe form, the attacks can occur during the day.

An asthma attack in a child

Parents are very important to recognize the attack of asthma in their child and to stop it as quickly as possible. To make things right, the following important steps to be taken.

Be sure to react to any complaint about problems with breathing or chest pain. Older children already faced with similar attacks can you tell when it gets hard to breathe, or simply breathe;

If a child complains of chest pain, do not leave it unattended. When an asthmatic attack, children can feel that they have chest something is compressed. Soreness of the chest is the result of air obstruction on the airways and increase the pressure in the lungs;

Always remember that children are small children or those who have never encountered asthma attacks are not always able to tell you about the program dyspnea or pain. A child may be afraid and withdraw, hide from you, what happened to him that something is wrong, do not be ashamed to be able to explain the new sensations. Listen to your children, that they will say or what are trying to say.

Look, when breathing if the child has to make some effort to carry out breath. During normal breathing child’s shoulders should not be lifted, and also involved other muscles. Pay attention also to the position of the child, he is trying to take the most comfortable position for breathing (stoop, to rest his hands on the table in front of him, spread your elbows apart);

Pay attention when the child breathes in, whether he has a muscle contraction below the ribs. Such “retraction” arise in a short breath, when he entered the amount of air they can not fill the necessary space;

During the attack the child’s nostrils when inhaling strongly expanding to inhale as much air as possible. Most often, such a feature common in children under one year, who can not tell my mom what they are concerned;

Is the child wheezing when breathing Listen, there. During an asthmatic attack, there is a whistling or hissing sound, accompanied by a slight vibration. Wheezing may occur on inhaling and exhaling in mild and moderate during the attack. In severe – just as you exhale;

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