Causes of male pattern baldness can be different. Hair loss is not some unusual process of the human body, to the formation of pathology. If any of the functions of growth of hair may occur total or partial balding head. The reason can serve as a genetic predisposition, and addiction to various addictions. It is impossible to determine at what age to begin alopecia, but some prerequisites for the formation of baldness in men can cause to the start of treatment i use it.

Androgenetic alopecia is the first among all types of alopecia, and becomes the cause of hair loss in 96% of men. It is hereditary and transmitted in the form of genetic information at birth. kak-lechit-oblysenieV result of this type of baldness in men is affected parietal and frontal part of the head. The reason for that is the effect of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone in the hair follicles. The first signs of incipient baldness are hair discoloration, as well as the formation of thin and short.

Diffuse hair loss. Formed as a result of the failure of the body work. This type of alopecia has 2 forms. Anagen alapetsiya can be caused by: intoxication organism any poisons, radiation, chemotherapy, used in the treatment of cancerous tumors. By telogen alapetsii lead moments of mental overstrain, diet, as well as some inherited diseases.

Patchy alopecia or baldness. The hallmark of such alopecia is patchy loss of skin round head shape. The disease occurs due to a malfunction in the immune system of a person, in which follicles are damaged root. The reason may be: a viral disease, emotional stress, anesthesia.

Scar baldness. Most often, the causes of scarring alopecia are: fungi, bacteria, viruses, progressing in skin and scalp. Also, the disease can cause received physical or thermal injury. There irreversible damage to the hair follicles, which causes inflammation and leads to their overgrowing by connective tissue.

At the first signs of increased hair loss, you need to see a specialist for kak-lechit-oblysenieustanovleniya reasons. Using drugs is not possible to achieve full disposal of baldness, so the hair back to its original state almost immediately after the abolition of the medication. Before you get involved in the purchase of the advertised drugs, you must consult a competent health professional to rule out side effects and allergic reactions.

Androgenetic alopecia may also be treated with a laser combing, which more effectively in specialized medical centers than at home and using surgical intervention.

To prevent copious hair loss, it is advisable to follow a few tips on proper care of them. Of great importance is the right shampoo. It is necessary to choose the right shampoo, as well as, whenever possible, wash your hair boiled water. In the summer, do not neglect the hats, as direct sunlight burn the hair and scalp. Further it may lead to the appearance of brittle hair and itching. Do not forget about the hats and winter. Statistical data show that the rapid loss of hair in men at an early age can also be due to inflammation of the prostate. In this connection, it is recommended an immediate visit to the urologist.

In addition to medical facilities, it is necessary to know how to treat male pattern baldness by using folk methods. They are used not only in the already onset of the disease, but also for the prevention of its occurrence. It is important to remember that these tools are not the main source of treatment, and are used only in conjunction with basic, as it dopolneniya.Maski-pri-oblysenii

Head massage. During execution shampooing recommended small massage, which is an excellent way to increase the rate of hair growth in connection with an enrichment nutrients hair follicles. The massage is performed with your fingertips for 2 minutes, and the head should be cool under running water.

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