Though we live in the age of high technology, as well as the men lyseli thousand years ago, and continue to go bald. According to statistics, 50% of men start losing hair in 25 years! Why do men go bald and even at such a young age? What is the reason of baldness (alopecia), what can be done to it to pass? Almost half of the men of the earth (and women too) ask this question

Hippocrates noticed that men’s hair adversely affect the male sex hormone testosterone. Why do men go bald from his own as the male hormone? It’s ironic, but, apparently, wanted to nature. Until now, scientists around the world can not cope with testosterone (well, not kill him the same, after all ☺). Male hormone interferes with proper nutrition hair, why, actually they drop out. As soon as there exists a method to control the activity of testosterone, a cure for baldness is found and – bang, bald men would not be at all!

Drinking bald men over the years has changed. The ancient Romans, for example, were ashamed of his bald head. When Julius Caesar there was a small bald spot, he changed her hairstyle and began putting her hair in such a way to cover their bald head portion. Yet there is a legend about a king of the East, which the enemy cut off the braid at night, which in the old days the symbol of wisdom and power. After that, all the persecuted, he lived out his life in poverty, wandering the earth as a restless.

Causes of male pattern baldness

Baldness is dependent or not dependent on heredity. But it should be noted that 90% of cases it is associated with heredity. Causes of baldness obtained by inheritance, are varied: stress, poor diet, medications, hormonal changes the body. The last reason is relevant to young people aged 20-30 years. They have, as a rule, problems with the thyroid gland, which is responsible for the production of hormones that are involved in the construction of the hair cells.

Men go bald even from a busy lifestyle. Not for nothing, apparently, people are saying: “I’ll polyseyu!”. Hair loss is provided to those who live under constant stress, and it can be both emotional and physical. From men bald surgery in 95 cases out of 100. In fact, it’s too stressful. The point here is that when stress is compressed vessels – is their spasm. Accordingly, the blood flows to the head properly, disturbed nutrition of hair follicles and hair falls out. Here’s a chain.

Bald head loves alcohol, nicotine, and certain medicines (mainly antibiotics and drugs for cancer patients). It is surprising that after chemotherapy, the hair falls out, but then grow again and become even better than the old.

Why do men go bald by caps? Yes, because they are close, do not let the air rush or not filming (the inheritance of the military). Without caps, too, can not – cold constricts blood vessels – a negative result.

The fact that men go bald by the age – a myth. Home Hair Loss – 20 years. Of course, the 70th will be a noticeable bald spot …

The cause of hair loss can be a freezing of the head or, alternatively, it constant overheating. All this violates the circulation and necessary for the hair follicles substances simply do not reach them. For this reason, hair dangerous obesity, which clogs the sebaceous glands.

Using a hairdryer, men go bald because very intensively comb wet hair. Incidentally, this also applies to women. The hair is first necessary to dry, and then gently comb comb with wide teeth. Many men chat with wet hair, carefully combed, facing the street. And then wonder why men go bald so early?

In fact, the issue of baldness is covered with darkness. Each bald on its cause. The most common reason for this – the genes that is to blame mom and dad. However it is necessary to greatly worry that your head bald? Let us be optimistic and look at the matter in another way: they say that bald men – sexiest. So choose now …

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