Brand Viagra

Brand Viagra is an oral medication for erectile dysfunction (ED) developed by the pharmaceutical company PFIZER.


Brand Viagra - is the original erection stimulator, which was the first in the specified pharmacological group. The special composition for many years now allows you to effectively deal with the problems of erectile dysfunction and sexual impotence. The drug is manufactured by a proven company that guarantees high quality products and its high efficiency. Its production is carried out exclusively by proven methods on high-precision equipment under the control of competent and experienced professionals, which guarantees full compliance with international requirements.

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Brand Viagra

Are there any age restrictions for taking Viagra?

Virtually every modern person knows that modern medicine has found a way to increase the potency of the representatives of the strong half of humanity, a medicine called Viagra is considered to be such a miraculous drug. It is Viagra for many years that makes men happy and gives them the opportunity to have a normal sex life, which they are not able to conduct without additional drugs.
After Viagra became an affordable medication that enhances male erection, all kinds of research began all over the world. After conducting multiple tests, it became clear that Viagra not only contributes to increasing potency and enhancing erection, this drug can also significantly prolong sexual intercourse, as well as have a therapeutic effect on men’s body. If the representative of the stronger sex suffers from a severe form of erectile dysfunction, he can safely begin to take Viagra, and after a year of regular use of this drug, more than half of the men regain the ability to have sexual intercourse and there is no need to take medicines.
As for the age limit on the reception of Viagra, it is not. However, you should immediately bear in mind that there is no age limit, however, there are a number of contraindications that may prohibit you from taking Viagra. For example: if you are a healthy man and you are over 65 years old, you should take Viagra with a dosage of the active substance no more than 25 mg. Among other things, before you start taking this drug, you should consult a specialist who will conduct all the necessary studies and prescribe a dosage that will be optimal for your body. Then you should also take into account that at any age men are not recommended to use more than one tablet of Viagra per day. The effect of the drug lasts about four hours, so one pill is enough to satisfy their sexual needs.
Around the world, men of various ages take Viagra and admit that with the advent of this drug, not only their sex life has improved, but their overall well-being as well.

What specialty doctor can prescribe Viagra

Let's start right away by giving an expanded definition of Viagra, as well as determine the effect of the drug on the male body. Viagra is a medical drug that is intended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in the representatives of the strong half of humanity. Not so long ago, many men experienced a huge complex from the fact that their sexual function was disturbed, after that a man became isolated, sometimes families broke up, and severe depression occurred. Modern men, who care about their own health and want to live an active sex life, prefer not to hide their ailments, but to actively treat them. After the famous medication called Viagra appeared, many men were able to re-start sex life and enjoy it to the fullest.
If we talk about the effects of Viagra on the man's body, then after taking the pill, the interaction of the active substance and the signals that come from the man’s brain begin. The drug begins to actively act when a man experiences arousal at a natural level. After the onset of excitement, under the influence of the active substance, there is an increased blood flow to the male penis, which in turn provokes a stronger erection, which contributes to the prolongation of sexual intercourse.
However, it should also take into account the fact that before you start taking the drug, you need to consult a physician who will prescribe you the necessary dosage of Viagra, as well as check for any contraindications. Prescribe Viagra can doctor - urologist, who has a specialization in the field of male genital organs. It is the urologist who will conduct all the research and identify the cause that led to the weakening of the potency. If you have any diseases of a chronic type, then in addition to the urologist, the doctor, whose profile your disease has, must consult. Doctors will take all the necessary tests and make the right decision. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that many men who, on prescription of a doctor, took Viagra for about a year, regained the opportunity to have sexual intercourse on their own without additional drugs. Every man is worthy to live a full sex life, and to receive from this physical and emotional satisfaction!

Does Viagra increase sexual intercourse

Many modern people have heard a lot of information that relates directly to a medical drug like Viagra. Some for a long time hid their illness, which is associated with a disorder of potency among the representatives of a strong half of humanity, as a result of such inaction, families collapsed, the male psyche broke down, and additional ailments began to develop, which caused various consequences. However, modern medicine does not stand in one place and a well-known company has created a drug called Viagra, this drug is tested in various countries of the world and after numerous studies it is possible with a high degree of confidence that the medical drug Viagra increases the ability to have sexual intercourse.
The effect of Viagra on the male body occurs after taking the pill inside, after a short period, for each man this period is different, it lasts from 15 minutes to half an hour, the active substance is applied to the body. Under the influence of the active substance, which is part of Viagra, there is an increased blood flow to the male penis area, after which the erection becomes stronger, and the duration of sexual intercourse increases. Some representatives of the strong half of humanity fear that the effect of Viagra on the body is spontaneous and the onset of erection will not be controlled. At once we want to declare that such an effect will not occur, and an erection occurs only after the man feels arousal, after that signals from the brain are given and the active substance contributes to the strongest erection. An important factor is also considered that the time of exposure to the drug is about 4 hours, so for such a period of time, every man can fully enjoy normal sexual intercourse, which will bring satisfaction to both partners. Take Viagra should be immediately before the planned sexual intercourse.
Thus, it can be summed up that Viagra really very effectively enhances the ability to conduct sexual intercourse and your sex life will become much brighter and more interesting.

Does Viagra allow to maintain potency even after drinking alcohol?

Many representatives of the strong half of humanity have certain problems of varying degrees of severity, which are related to the violation of potency. Undoubtedly, an active sex life for every man is an essential sign of high self-esteem, and also brings psychological pleasure. As a result of the fact that the potency is at a low level, many men experience serious stresses, against the background of which other diseases may begin to develop, which may have very different consequences.
For men who want to live a rich sex life, but can not achieve a normal erection on their own, doctors have developed an effective drug called Viagra. It is Viagra for many years contributes to the normalization of sexual function in men. Under the influence of the active substance Viagra, there is an increased blood flow to the male penis, which helps to achieve an erection, as well as to prolong the time of sexual intercourse. Every man after taking this drug keeps his erection under complete control, because only after the excitation and transmission of the signal from the brain begins the action of the active substance. Thus, men can be completely confident that the erection does not occur spontaneously, but they can be confident that the effect of the drug will last about 4 hours, and during this time you can fully satisfy your sexual needs and sexual needs of your partner.
The question of whether it is possible to drink alcohol and take Viagra together until today remains open. Doctors conducted a lot of research that relates to a combination of the drug and alcohol, but did not come to an unequivocal answer. The active substance of Viagra is considered to be sildenafil; however, neither chemists nor doctors have found any contraindications for taking alcohol with this substance. In other words, we can say that there is no evidence that alcohol and Viagra are incompatible, but doctors do not recommend combining alcohol and Viagra. One of the main concerns of physicians regarding the use of Viagra and alcohol is that the active substance promotes active blood circulation and alcohol increases blood circulation, so a group of people who suffer from heart disease and other organs may risk because of increased pressure.

What company produces Viagra?

Surely every modern man has heard of such a medicine, which is called Viagra. However, not everyone was interested in the history of this drug, as well as the method of its impact on the human body. Viagra is recommended to such representatives of a strong half of mankind who suffer from a disorder of sexual function, as a result of which an erection does not occur and it is impossible to conduct normal sexual intercourse. After the emergence of Viagra, the problem with erection ceased to be relevant and many men re-started sex life, which they lacked so much, because for men the activity of sex life plays a huge role.
With regard to the development of such a medical drug as Viagra, the creator is a very large company called Pfizer. Scientists of this company have discovered mechanisms that contribute to improving male potency, these mechanisms have opened up the ability to create an effective drug, which is called Viagra. It is also worth noting that the creators received the Nobel Prize for creating this medicine, which brings tremendous help to all mankind. You should not forget that modern medical companies also began to create all kinds of drugs that have an identical effect on the human body, like Viagra, but it should be remembered that these drugs are not always as effective as the original, therefore you should trust your health to unfamiliar creators of a little-known drug.
Viagra is repeatedly tested by the most advanced medical organizations and all of them are unanimous that the drug has an active effect on the human body and contributes not only to the normalization of erection, but also to prolonging sexual intercourse, which is an important addition for many representatives of the strong half of humanity. Our duty is also to remind you that before using Viagra, it is better to consult a medical professional who prescribes the dosage of the drug, and also minimizes the risk of side effects that Viagra has.
It is not necessary to postpone time if you began to notice that a violation of potency occurs, because any illness is easier to prevent than to begin treatment. Live a rich sex life, which will bring a lot of joy to you and your sex partner.

How effective is Viagra for women?

Practically at all times it was believed that problems with potency and sexual attraction can arise only among representatives of the strong half of humanity. However, at present, modern women repeatedly admit that not5 have sexual satisfaction, and in the process of sexual intercourse, their excitement simply does not occur.
Regardless of age, many women simply do not enjoy sexual intercourse, this can be promoted by an emotional state, weather conditions and many factors that at first glance have nothing to do with the sex life of women. In fact, such a reaction of the female body is considered to be a disease that can be diagnosed only by a medical professional.
However, as time went on, medical technology did not stand in one place, after which a drug such as Viagra for women appeared. Immediately, it is worth noting that Female Viagra was subjected to repeated testing in different countries of the world, after such studies, doctors concluded that the drug is very effective and does not harm the female body. The main difference between Viagra for men and female Viagra is that the drug for men acts purposefully to increase blood flow and the onset of erection, and Female Viagra has a complex effect on the body. Female Viagra has a stimulating effect on the female body, as well as the active substance promotes blood flow in the area of erogenous zones, so that the woman feels the effect of caress more strongly, and the feeling of sexual intercourse itself becomes stronger. Also, due to female Viagra, the representative of the weaker sex necessarily experiences an orgasm with each sexual intercourse, which previously could not be observed. Still female Viagra contributes to a more active release of lubricant, which is a sign of the strongest excitement. As for the duration of the effect of female Viagra on the body, then this time is about 5-6 hours, during exactly such a period a woman can enjoy sexual intercourse and get unforgettable pleasure. Try to make your sex life more vivid and rich, because much depends on it, and mood, and youth, and relationships with your sexual partner.

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