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Viagra and Heart

Viagra and Fertility

Viagra and Health

Viagra and Fertility

Until recently, many representatives of the strong half of humanity suffered greatly from the fact that they could not independently perform sexual intercourse, they did not experience a normal degree of erection. Doctors have long worked to create a drug that could treat erectile dysfunction, as well as the whole male potency. This drug has become Viagra, which very effectively helps men to have normal sexual intercourse. After a man takes a Viagra pill, by the way, it is worth noting that Viagra is available in pills, the effect of the active substance on the male body begins. After a man feels natural arousal, Viagra helps to increase the flow of blood into the male genital area, which makes the erection stronger, and the sexual act itself has a longer duration.

As for the effects of Viagra on practically healthy people, here you can with a high degree of confidence say that such men will be able to significantly prolong their sexual intercourse, and the degree of their arousal will be at the highest level. You will agree that it will be difficult to resist such prospects to any representative of a strong half of humanity, because every man loves diversity in sexual life, and will not refuse to try new sensations that Viagra will give.

If we talk about the time of exposure of Viagra to the male body, then each man’s excitement comes in different ways, and accordingly the time of exposure cannot be determined to the minute, but after numerous studies, doctors say that Viagra begins to act between a quarter of an hour and half an hour. The duration of exposure to the drug is about four hours, this amount of time is enough for the sexual satisfaction of both partners, who will get a lot of pleasure.

However, this drug has some contraindications that are associated with men's health:

You have a disease called angina and you are undergoing treatment.
Intolerance of the components that are part of Viagra.
Strong pressure.
If you are practically a healthy person and you do not see the above diseases, then you can safely begin taking Viagra, which will increase sexual arousal and make sexual intercourse more vivid.