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Viagra and Heart

Viagra and Fertility

Viagra and Health

Viagra and Heart

The effect of Viagra on the heart.

Surely almost every modern person has heard a lot about the medicine, which is called Viagra. However, to hear and know are completely different concepts that have virtually no points of contact. After many believe the rumors, there are various kinds of fears and fears that give rise to a whole series of completely absurd questions. About one of these questions will be discussed in this article.

Viagra does not adversely affect the heart of a healthy man. However, if you have contraindications that are associated with heart disease, then the result of taking Viagra may be a worsening of the disease and the result may be completely unexpected. In this case, the effect of Viagra on the heart takes place. In order to obtain guarantees that the man will not receive a negative effect on the body after taking Viagra, we advise you to undergo a consultation with a medical professional in advance. After you take all the necessary tests, the doctor will give you the exact dose of Viagra, as well as determine whether or not you have allergic reactions to the drug. Another important factor that relates to taking Viagra is the fact that there is a certain limitation that concerns the number of Viagra tablets that a man can take per day. In one day it is recommended to take no more than one pill. Some men ignore these instructions, which are necessary in order to protect their own body. As a result of simple inactivity, rumors are born that the drug has a negative effect on various human organs. Of course, if a patient who has the highest pressure takes a Viagra pill that has a high amount of active substance, he will feel bad, the pressure will increase even more, and then he will tell his friends that Viagra is a very harmful drug, from which you should refrain. Thus, it can be concluded that Viagra is an effective medication that contributes to an increase in potency among the representatives of a strong half of humanity, but before starting Viagra, it is necessary to consult with a doctor who will eliminate all contraindications and be able to prescribe the correct dosage. Every man is worthy to enjoy sex, but you need to take into account all the possible nuances that may adversely affect your health!

Viagra shelf life

Viagra is a drug that effectively treats disorders of potency in men. This medical product has undergone numerous tests, studies and other experiments, after which it became clear that Viagra can treat even the most serious erectile dysfunction. Doctors say that after a man takes Viagra for one year, there is a large share of the likelihood that he will be able to perform sexual acts without additional stimulants. However, before you purchase this drug, you need to undergo a consultation in a medical institution, this is where the doctor will prescribe the correct dosage of the drug, as well as eliminate all possible contraindications for taking this drug. Since Viagra is a medication, it can cause side effects, for example: do not take this drug for people with poor blood clotting, as well as suffering from strong pressure. Expiration date Viagra is written on each package of this drug, so before buying Viagra, we strongly recommend that you pay attention to the expiration date. Some patients also claim that Viagra has not had the desired effect on the man’s body, this may also be due to the shelf life of the drug or to the wrong dosage, so you should not save time on going to the doctor. Thus, you can protect your own body and get pleasure from taking this drug.
With regard to the effects of Viagra on the body of a man, the mechanism is quite simple. After a man takes a Viagra pill and comes into natural arousal, the effect on the body of the active substance, which is part of the drug, begins. The active substance promotes active blood flow to the male penis, after which comes a full erection, which lasts a fairly long period of time. The effect of one pill Viagra lasts about four hours, which allows you to perform a full sexual intercourse and give pleasure to yourself and your sexual partner. Every man is worthy of his sex life was bright, rich and active. Use Viagra and give yourself a chance for a second youth!