Brand Viagra

Brand Viagra is an oral medication for erectile dysfunction (ED) developed by the pharmaceutical company PFIZER.


Brand Viagra - This tool belongs to the group of PDE-5 inhibitors, which provides an erection due to the blood filling of the penis. In this case, tablets have their own specific features in the form of a shell and inscriptions, which is a confirmation of originality. Viagra Faizer 100 is actively used to treat erectile disorders. The main active ingredient is cindelofil, and auxiliary components - calcium phosphate, magnesium stearate and other additives. The main component begins to act only with sexual stimulation. Before use, be sure to consult a doctor, specify the indications and contraindications

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Brand Viagra

If Viagra did not work, then it does not suit me.

I would like to start this article by telling directly about the drug Viagra itself, as well as about the method of the effect of this drug on the human body. Viagra is a drug of the medicinal type, which contributes to the treatment of diseases associated with a decrease in potency among the representatives of the strong half of humanity. Viagra is the first world-class drug that can not only affect erection, but also have a therapeutic effect. Many of the stronger sex with extensive erectile dysfunction, after a course of taking Viagra for at least one year, regained the ability to independently perform sexual acts without additional stimulants.
With regard to the effects of Viagra on the male body, after taking the pill, the body begins to affect the active substance, which contributes to the active flow of blood to the male penis, which in turn increases erection and contributes to a longer sexual intercourse. Another important feature of the drug is that the active substance begins its impact on the male body only after the man has a sexual desire for a partner, as a result of such attraction signals are sent from the brain and the active substance begins its work. Thus, every man can be completely sure that he will not be in an awkward situation with an involuntarily erect penis. The effect of the drug lasts for 4 hours, this time is enough for a full sexual intercourse and to satisfy yourself and your partner.
If you tried to take Viagra, but it did not work, then you should not immediately think that the drug does not suit you, after numerous studies, no patients were identified who would not respond to treatment with this drug. Perhaps the whole thing is that you chose the wrong dosage of Viagra, and it could not affect your body. The next reason may be that you have consumed too much food, and the tablet has been digested for a long time, as a result of this you could simply refuse sexual intercourse and wait for the effects of Viagra. Another common reason for the non-impact of Viagra is that men are not sufficiently excited or are too lazy to try to make foreplay and other trifles that give impulses to the brain. Try to consult with your doctor before taking the drug, the doctor will prescribe the correct dosage and give detailed instructions for taking Viagra.

How fast does Viagra begin and how long does it take

Almost every person has heard of such a drug, which is called Viagra. As for the representatives of the strong half of humanity, some time ago, they were embarrassed to admit their illness and did not use ancillary drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. As a result of this behavior, families were destroyed, men had strong experiences, because for every member of the strong half of humankind sex has a very important role in life. However, time is rapidly moving forward and modern men are no longer willing to worry because of a violation of potency, because there is a drug like Viagra that will not harm the body, but will help start a new sex life that will be filled with bright colors.
Currently, Viagra is considered a very popular drug that helps many people feel full again. The composition of Viagra includes an active substance called Sildenafil. Thanks to this substance, after taking a Viagra pill, an active blood flow to the male penis begins, which significantly increases erection, as well as contributes to a longer sexual intercourse. Immediately we hasten to note that the action of Viagra is interconnected with the human brain, which begins to give signals with natural arousal. Thus, every man can be completely confident that the spontaneous state of the erect penis will not occur, and you will never find yourself in an awkward position. As for the onset of the action of Viagra, then each man has this amount of time individually, but it can be said with a high degree of confidence that the waiting time will not go beyond half an hour. Viagra was tested many times, and after such studies it became clear that the effect starts in the interval from 15 to 30 minutes, which means that the drug should be taken immediately before the planned sexual intercourse. As for the duration of the effect of Viagra on the male body, the time equivalent varies depending on the content of the active substance. If we talk about the most common Viagra, which contains 100 mg of active substance, then the effect of such a drug lasts 4 hours. According to medical employees, this amount of time is enough to meet the sexual needs of both partners and to maintain a bright sex life.

Viagra is a sexual stimulant.

Currently, Viagra is one of the most common medicines that increase the potency of the representatives of the strong half of humanity. For men, sexual relations play a very important role, so if a disease occurs that reduces potency, a man suffers a lot of suffering, which can also provoke the development of associated diseases.
With the advent of such a drug as Viagra, many men got a chance for a second sex life, which will be very bright, intense and intense. With the help of Viagra in men restored the ability to naturally stimulate. The composition of Viagra includes a substance called Sildenafil, this substance contributes to the fact that during natural arousal there is an increased blood flow in the male genital organs. After increased blood flow, an erection becomes stronger and more prolonged, which contributes to the active sexual intercourse, which will bring satisfaction to both partners. After taking a pill of Viagra, a man gets a four-hour exposure to his body. Each man’s DH begins to work differently with the pill, but it’s important to know that waiting will not be more than half an hour, so Viagra is taken immediately before the start of the planned sexual intercourse. Many men are very worried about the fact that Viagra will begin to act involuntarily, and he will be in an awkward position with an erect penis. For this you can not even fear, since the effect of the drug occurs immediately when the man is excited and from the brain receives certain signals that activate the active substance and the penis comes to "working condition".
An important feature of the drug is that it not only contributes to a normal sexual intercourse, but also has a therapeutic effect on the failure of erection in the male. If you want to increase the duration of your sexual intercourse and thereby make sex life more vivid, it is better to give preference to Viagra, which contains 100 mg of active substance, this dosage is the most common and does not adversely affect the male body.

Does Viagra for severe erectile dysfunction

A very large number of representatives of the strong half of humanity suffer from the fact that they experience erectile dysfunction. When the sex life slips to a low level, the man is always very hard going through a similar fact, because during the sex life men experience not only physical satisfaction, but also moral. If you go back a bit to the past, then you can confidently say that most men did not share their problems of potency and kept all their experiences exclusively in themselves. The result of such behavior was the breakdown of families, the development of many serious diseases against the background of nervous overstrain and other illnesses that had the most unpredictable consequences.
Doctors have worked very hard to create a suitable drug that will help strengthen an erection and have a beneficial effect on the state of potency. The result of long labors was the drug, which is called Viagra. It is worth noting that a lot of men after the start of taking Viagra have received a new and vibrant sex life, which brings satisfaction and makes intimate relationships great. Under the influence of the active substance, which is contained in Viagra, there is an increased blood flow to the male penis. The blood flow contributes to a stronger erection, and the sexual act itself lasts longer than usual. However, men can be calm for the fact that the erection does not occur spontaneously. An erection occurs only after natural arousal, at this time signals are sent from the male brain and the active substance begins its action. With regard to the normalization of potency in severe forms of erection, then Viagra is very effective in treating this ailment. If a man takes Viagra for one year, then the opportunity to have sexual intercourse without additional drugs is returned to him. A very high percentage of men who have a severe form of impaired potency responded that after taking the drug, their sex life was improving and their ability to self-erection returned. After such studies and testing, you can with a high degree of confidence say that after taking Viagra you will not only be able to live a normal sex life, but also cure an ailment that affects erectile dysfunction.

How to determine the sexual rate

For each person, sex life is of great importance, which has an impact on family life, on the psychological state and even on the entire human body as a whole. Not so long ago, our dear men considered it to be something forbidden to talk about the fact that their potency decreased. Today, many representatives of the strong half of humanity, by contrast, are very actively fighting their illness, and are trying in every way to regain the ability to conduct sexual intercourse. Thanks to an active sex life, the man asserts himself, tries to give pleasure to his partner, and when he sees that he has succeeded, he receives not only physical satisfaction from sexual contact, but also moral.
After a medical drug called Viagra was produced, many men got a chance to start having sex again. Viagra is a very effective drug that helps to treat impotence, prolongs sexual intercourse, and also enhances the degree of erection in healthy men who have decided to get new sensations from having sex. Reception of Viagra should be carried out approximately one hour before you plan to have sex, during which time the active ingredient in the preparation begins to act. After the man begins to experience excitement, the flow of blood to the penis increases, which makes the erection stronger, and the sexual act is longer.
With regard to the definition of the sexual norm, then every man should individually approach this issue. Depending on temperament and sexual needs, some men want to have sex several times a day, and others just two times in one week. Doctors recommend having sex several times a week, such a number of sexual contacts is enough to satisfy both men and women of the weaker sex. If you have a desire to have sex more often, then follow your desire. After numerous medical studies that relate to the frequency of sexual intercourse, the doctors did not reveal the negative impact of sex on the human body. However, when suffering from heart disease, try to have a quiet sexual intercourse.

How does it interact with other drugs?

Viagra is a medication that effectively affects the treatment of erectile dysfunction in members of the strong half of humanity. Some men for a long time did not dare to say that their erection was greatly weakened, as a result of such inaction, the potency weakens even more, which makes treatment much more difficult.
Since Viagra is a medication, before taking it you need to undergo a consultation in a medical institution. After all the necessary research and analysis has been carried out, the specialist prescribes the dosage of the active substance in Viagra and only then the man can be completely reassured that taking Viagra will not adversely affect the male body. There are a number of contraindications that can put Viagra under ban and should be considered.
After Viagra became an affordable drug for treating erectile dysfunction, medical institutions around the world conducted numerous tests and studies, after which Viagra was recognized as a drug that with a high degree of efficiency helps members of the strong half of humanity to start a new sex life that is filled with bright colors. Viagra begins to affect the male body after signals are sent from the brain. After feeding the brain signals, the active substance contained in the Viagra tablet promotes an increased blood flow to the penis area. Increased blood flow contributes to a stronger and more prolonged erection. The effect of Viagra on the body lasts about four hours, which allows a man to fully meet their own sexual needs, as well as to give pleasure to his partner.
For drugs that can be negatively combined with Viagra, is the antibiotic erythromycin; Cimetin is an antioxidant used to treat tumors called Tagamet, and antifungal drugs ketoconazole and itraconazole. Thus, every man should make sure in advance that Viagra does not cause any additional negative impact. With regard to the interaction of Viagra and alcoholic beverages, then no strong negative effects on the human body have been identified.

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