Under ureaplasmosis imply the presence of inflammation in the genitourinary system, in which, in laboratory studies, revealed a ureaplasma and other pathogens not detected.Ureaplasmosis Ureaplasmosis called disease caused by a microorganism which is a cross between a virus and unicellular. In […]

Doping Meldonium

Doping – it’s drugs, which are used by athletes to artificial, forced improve performance during the training process and competitive activities. Depending on the type of sports they can have very different and even opposite pharmacological actions from psychostimulant to tranquilizing, […]

Chlamydia in men

Chlamydia in men – this is a serious infectious disease of the genitourinary system. It is transmitted during sexual contact and is equally dangerous for both men and women. In case of detection of chlamydia in men his partner, too, have […]


Smegma (preputial lubrication) – the secret of the glands of the foreskin that accumulates under her inner leaf and coronal sulcus of the penis. Main components – fat and mycobacteria. Fresh selection are white and uniformly distributed on the surface of […]

The male sexual organ

Men’s genitals is anatomically divided into external – the penis and scrotum and inner – testes, epididymis, vas way, the prostate gland, seminal vesicles. Functionally male sex organs are the organs of copulation and the reproductive system free cialis coupon. In the […]

Cramps in Children

Cramps in children – a fairly common phenomenon. They can occur due to many reasons. The most common of these is the fact that the brain in young children is in the development process, which leads to an increased excitability […]

Myths about roulette

Myths about roulette, unlike Greek, appear almost daily. Too popular this game, both online and in land-based casinos. Debunk some of them quite possibly even slightly increase the chances of winning in this wonderful game, and consequently an increase in […]

Asthma in Children

Due to the deterioration of the environment and a significant increase in respiratory infections of children’s immunity is greatly reduced. Because of this, increasingly common infant asthma and various allergies buy ventolin without prescription. Asthma – a chronic disease caused by […]


Causes of male pattern baldness can be different. Hair loss is not some unusual process of the human body, to the formation of pathology. If any of the functions of growth of hair may occur total or partial balding head. […]


Measles (Latin Morbilli.) – An acute infectious viral disease with high sensitivity (index of contagiousness is close to 100%), which is characterized by high fever (up to 40,5 ° C), inflammation of the oral mucous membranes and upper respiratory tract, […]