Effect of androgen therapy on erythropoiesis

Patients with F / M-transsexualism in the treatment of the underlying disease receive lifelong replacement therapy with high doses of androgens. Androgen therapy is carried out for the purpose of acquiring features (constitutional, mental) characteristic of the opposite sex, and […]

Androgen therapy and insulin resistance

Insulin resistance (IR) is a reduction in the action of insulin in tissues and organs. With IL, the biological response to the physiological concentration of insulin is reduced. In some cases, when certain conditions are created, insulin loses its ability […]

Peli vastaan vahva vastustaja

Ei ole väliä kuinka hyvin pelaat pokeria, ennemmin tai myöhemmin tapaat jonkun, joka pelaa paremmin. On turhauttavaa, varsinkin jos aiot häiriötön istunnon ja helppoa rahaa. Mutta samaan aikaan – loistava tilaisuus saada kokemusta. Tässä opetusohjelmassa aiomme keskustella miten menettää vähemmän […]


Psychosomatic disorders, in essence, is the body’s response in symbolic form in the unacceptable situation in life socialanxietysurvivor.com. It is formed by two mechanisms:displacement of the unfavorable circumstances of the mind – a kind of protection against it unacceptable, unacceptable thoughts […]


Anemia – the most common blood abnormality. By itself, anemia – this is not a diagnosis, but a symptom of various diseases that affect a variety of organs. Previously it called anemia anemia, but the occurrence of the disease is usually […]

Health Psychology

Psychological factors are of great importance not only in the emergence of many diseases, but also for their therapy health and medical. That is why the main issue of science today is the possibility of motivation to health preservation. However, this […]

Health of the digestive system

Health of the digestive system For digestive health should be taken seriously, because you will never get it without the proper functioning of those nutrients that are needed by the body and health problems will only increase. However, the busy […]

Why circumcised

In America for decades in hospitals across the country to infants in the first days of life, perform the procedure under the enigmatic title “circumcision”, to put it simply – circumcision. This is one of the most common micro-operations. About […]

Intimate problem

So many people can not have problems with potency, but have problems with erection hardness erectile dysfunction natural treatment. Even if you have no problems with the hardness of your penis, you will still have the opportunity to improve its occupancy […]